Employment Law Updates 2024 and what they could mean to your business

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 Online - Tuesday 23rd April 2024 - 9 am - 10am

About this event

In the face of genuine and real challenges for both business, HR and employees alike, 2024 bring with it the anti-climax of a general election and fresh promises from parties to deliver positive and meaningful change .What are some of the recent events that shape our tomorrow, and how can businesses and employees prepare for the laws and regulations promised to materialise in the future?

Employment law shapes our everyday whether we realise it or not. Let’s take a closer look at what these changes mean for you, your business and your employment.


The Speaker

Roy Magara: We statistically spend most of our time thinking about, talking about and in many cases worrying about our work. As an Employment Solicitor Advocate at Magara Law, Roy works hard to help you through the legalities and complexities of your 'every day' and take the "worry" out of your statistics. People are at the heart of Roy’s practice – whether employer or employee – and Roy’s aim is to ensure that whichever side of the relationship you are, your employment rights and obligations are in check. https://magaralaw.co.uk/


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