Are your employees thriving?

Bluestream People was established to help companies find talent which is needed to grow and expand their services.  We pride ourselves on the long-term retention of our candidates which is down to being honest about what both the candidate and the business need from the placement.

Bluestream People recognises that retaining and developing employees is an essential part of winning in business, particularly where deep specific technical knowledge is needed.  We have partnered with David Savage, founder of Manufacturing with Purpose and a leading expert in employee engagement and coaching.

Specifically, we can support you in:

  • Developing your staff using coaching.
  • Training your managers how to use a coaching approach to develop their teams.
  • Developing your employee engagement strategy.



Coaching is a proven method to help unleash the huge potential we have and help us live a more fulfilling life.  Through coaching an employee will discover their purpose, unique style, their limiting beliefs and the thoughts and habits that can be holding them back.  Coaching programs are tailor made for the individual and provide a trusted accountability partner for people who are stepping up or on a journey of change.


Coaching Skills Workshops

"The role of the manager, in short, is becoming that of a coach". HBR December 2019

When looking at the behaviours of their best managers, Google found that being a good coach was at the top of their list. Coaching is about bringing the best out of our teams, engaging them at a deeper level and expanding their thinking about what is possible.

In seeking results and wanting to help our teams we can easily fall into the trap of being overbearing and inadvertently restrict our teams' growth.

In the Coaching Skills Workshop we will help you understand:

  • The astounding impact of coaching
  • What is the difference between coaching, mentoring and managing
  • How to ask powerful questions and structure a simple coaching conversation

You will be given the opportunity to learn how to be more coach-like in your approach by practicing and having some fun in a safe environment.


Employee Engagement Strategy

Every disengaged employee costs 1/3 of their salary ( 

How well do you understand the level of engagement within your organization? What’s the experience of “coming to work” for your employees  – are they fully engaged or are they going through the motions?  Investing in an employee engagement strategy will pay off as the energy to achieve outstanding results ultimately comes from within the organization and the extent to which they buy-in to your mission.  We can help you develop an employee engagement strategy which is right for your business and your people.


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