Engagement starts by being brilliant at the basics

Friday, May 19, 2023 FREE Online

Join us to explore our 2nd Enabler of Employee Engagement, Engaging Managers

Join us at our next Engage for Success event to explore the 2nd Enabler of Employee Engagement with our keynote speaker, Emma James, Head of Colleague Experience & Comms at Moto Hospitality.

“Employees don’t leave jobs, they leave managers.”

If this is true, how do organisations support managers to keep their team members engaged?

Co-founder of the movement David MacLeod OBE will provide an introduction to Engage for Success and the Four Enablers of employee engagement.

Are we getting lost in complicated engagement activities at the cost of neglecting our employees' basic needs?

In her keynote, Emma will talk about her experience of employee engagement, with a focus on supporting managers to engage frontline colleagues at Moto (the motorway hospitality services provider). Many organisations with frontline employees prioritise the customer experience above that of employees. Emma’s experiences at Moto and her previous role at Merlin have proven the positive impact colleague satisfaction has on customer experience. She will share how the staff you see in motorway services stations need to be supported and appreciated by their managers to give their best at work.

Following her keynote, Emma James, will be joined by an expert panel who will answer your questions and share their experiences in working with managers to create more engaged employees. Our panel speakers are:

● Claire Thomas, Director of Organisational Development, Penguin Random House

● Thalia Anagnostopoulou, MA, MSc, Leadership and Coaching Manager at UCL

● David MacLeod OBE Co-Founder of Engage for Success

Enabler #2: Engaging managers who focus their people and give them scope, treat their people as individuals and coach and stretch their people.

Learn how your organisation can do more with its managers by listening to our expert speakers and joining the debate with our panel.

Many thanks to Nottingham Trent University who are hosting and supporting this event for Engage for Success.

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