What employers (should) want and who employees need to be in 2023 webinar

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 Online

About this event

In 2023, many employers may have no choice but to continue to face significant challenges: a competitive talent landscape, an exhausted workforce, and pressure to control costs amid a looming economic downturn.

F or employees, it is not always easy to ascertain what employers look for when you undertake a career. In a world of evolving types of industry-specific roles and job functions that it can be difficult to determine what the best course of action may be to move forward in your career or to invest in your career development.

Difficult - but not impossible.

In this live webinar, we will discuss some of the skills and pathways necessary to unlock the answers to what employers want and who employees need to be in 2023.

The Speaker

Belinda Elliott: We spend a great deal of our time at work, and it is therefore imperative to find the right company and role that is right for you.

As an experienced recruitment professional, Belinda has worked in recruitment during the good and not so good times. She will share some tips and advice to help you get ahead of the competition.


Your Host

Roy Magara from Magara Law: We statistically spend most of our time thinking about, talking about and in many cases worrying about our work. As an Employment Solicitor Advocate at Magara Law, Roy works hard to help you through the legalities and complexities of your 'every day' and take the "worry" out of your statistics. People are at the heart of Roy’s practice – whether employer or employee – and Roy’s aim is to ensure that whichever side of the relationship you are, your employment rights and obligations are in check.


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