Applying for lots of jobs but not getting a response?

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Applying for lots of jobs but not getting a response? Whether you hate your current job and desperate to leave, or have just been made redundant, don't hit the panic button and apply to every job out there. 

Follow our tips below to get that elusive interview:

  1. Check you have the essential skills and experience for the job.
    When applying for jobs, be realistic. When a job advertisement asks for specific skills or experience it is for a good reason.  If the job requires certain skills and experience, and you do not have them, then do not apply. Why would someone contact you if you do not have the necessary skills and experience, they are looking for, especially when so many people are looking for work with the right skills and experience?

  2. Take your time. Don't apply for multiple roles at the same company.
    If you really want to work for a company take your time, keep any eye on their website, and apply for roles that match your skill set. If you apply for too many roles with the same company, they will stop viewing your details as thoroughly as they should. Recruiters and hiring managers want individuals who actually want particular jobs because they are more likely to stay in the position.

  3. Retrain
    If you are looking for a complete change of career, then you will need to do a course or something to show you are serious, even if you are applying for an entry level position. Transferable skills will only take you so far, it is your responsibility to make things happen. If that means learning a new skill to land your dream job then do it!

  4. Review your CV
    If you feel you have the skills but not being listened to, it is time to look at your CV – it is not the job of the recruiter or hiring manager to second guess what you have been doing. And remember less is more and you only have 7 seconds to impress.

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