Brexit - What does this mean for job seekers?

Monday, October 14, 2019

Brexit has certainly left us all feeling uncertain of our employment future, whether you are within a job and looking for a new career path or trying to secure a new job opportunity now. 

Brexit news is flooding all media outlets on a daily basis however the terms of how we will leave the EU is undetermined. This is leading to more and more speculation and raising more questions along the way. At this point it is impossible to foresee the exact consequences of Brexit in the UK market with or without a deal however there are a few ways we can prepare ourselves for potential job losses or perhaps job opportunities that Brexit may bring.

Take this opportunity to ensure all your documentation is up to date, this includes your CV. Invest time in yourself, be proactive and identify your strengths and ensure that your CV represents the ‘Best You’. For CV tips -

This is a good time to also consider what additional training may be on offer to help you continue to develop as an individual. You can utilise in-house training or find online courses that interest you and strengthen your skill set. When considering personal development, it is important to consider what benefits the training can bring to your career path now and in the future.

Although Brexit information is available on every media source we would highly recommend visiting -  to keep you to date with accurate Brexit news.