Commuting to Harwell just got easier

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Thames Travel is investing £1m in a new fleet of six ultra-low emission vehicles to connect Oxford with Harwell Campus and connect the University’s Science area with the John Radcliffe Hospital, Old Road Campus and Wytham from the 15th July 2019. The Science Transit Shuttle Buses provide a quick and convenient service with buses arriving every 30 minutes.

The new service operated by Thames Travel will now be open to the public while the former service was only open to university staff and students and Harwell employees.

There is a full range of ticketing including onboard ticketing, a mobile app and the Key Card which is available through Thames Travel. The pricing of the tickets for the ST1 range up to £5.60; which is for an adult return from Oxford City Centre to Harwell Campus. While the ST2 ranges up to £3.80; which is for an adult return from the John Radcliffe Hospital to Wytham.

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