Don’t shoot the messenger

Thursday, October 1, 2020

As COVID-19 pandemic began to hit the economy and companies across the board announced cuts, we made the decision to respond to everyone who applied to our advertisements explaining why we were not taking their application further. Hoping this would help, rather than not hearing anything at all, but sadly the number of people who have got very argumentative or even abusive has been shockingly high.

Recruiters often get bad press, but as recruiters we believe it is not only a privilege but a responsibility helping candidates with their next career move. Yes, this is how as a business we make money, but it has to be absolutely right for the candidate too, and we do not believe in giving false hope.

Remember all recruiters and hiring managers are keen to fill their vacancies, but it is imperative that the right person is placed in the role, not only for the future success of the company but also to meet the needs of the candidate. Be assured if the recruiter or hiring manager could utilise your skills and experience, they would. Equally that doesn’t mean you do not have good skills and experience, it just means you are not right for that role. 

Whenever someone takes the time to respond, try not to get defensive. Recruiters and hiring manager will remember anyone who is defensive or rude, and certainly will not entertain them for other opportunities – would you?

Finding a job is like catching a bus, never one around when you want it, then suddenly three turn up at once. Be patient and do not settle for second best.