Is the love of working from home wearing off?

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

I have always loved working from home when the opportunity has arisen, and like many of us looked forward to doing so when home working became a more practical option to safeguard our families and friends, and the NHS.

This is my 5th week;  started a little earlier as I have my elderly father living with us. I have to say I am learning so much about myself, as a person who enjoys being at home, and always with a glass half full (and I am not talking wine here, that’s for later 😊) I am surprised by how quickly my enthusiasm for home working is diminishing, and how much I miss the daily interactions with others, even just a good morning and a smile, but I really shouldn’t complain it is such a small price to pay compared to those on the front line.

I have never been one for routine or lists. The nearest I have ever come to a list is when I had a problem and needed to work out how to handle – seeing in black and white has always somehow made it easier for me to deal with, and if there has been nothing I could do, my approach has been what’s the point in worrying about it. As for routine, apart from getting up and going to bed each day, everything in between has been as and when, partly nature of working recruitment, and partly my crazy family keeping me on my toes.

By week three, I found my coping mechanisms changing and started making list of things I needed or wanted to do around the house and garden, books to read, films to watch or even new skills I wanted to learn. When I first started I was worried I would run out of things to do, but my list keeps growing.

I also put some routine into my day, it has helped me focus rather than the days sliding by and not really achieving as much as I would have liked. When working instead of throwing on leggings and an old sweater I make the effort to be more presentable and it is incredible how it has helped my mindset, I am far more productive, and actually have my breakfast before 3pm.

My husband on the other hand has always been the glass half empty and more of a worrier – according to him “the voice of reason as I apparently live in dreamland”, so as you can imagine I have driven him crazy with my “what will be, will be”. But now I find that the tables have turned, I find myself worrying about things outside my control, and he is saying “what will be, will be”. If you had told me this 6 weeks ago, I would have thought you were crazy

Now in week five, I find my house is OCD neat and tidy, so much so I have to stop myself scowling at my husband when he opens a cupboard – he is a typical Sagittarian. Being a fair weather gardener, and thanks to the glorious weather the garden is looking pretty good too. I have read a couple of books, still to do the films and learn a new skill or two but at least I have something left to look forward to whilst being grounded.

When working we all yearn for more time for our family or do some projects around the house, and hopefully an opportunity under the current situation will not happen again, so why not make the most of it, and try and see the positives, we will all regret it, if we waste this time.

Most importantly don’t be too hard on yourself, you are doing your best and not alone when having to adapt to new ways – after all we are only human, and apparently harder to train than the dog!!!!