It’s not just the money that attracts the best candidates any more.

Thursday, October 18, 2018
Today is World Values Day, a day to reflect on not only our personal but also your organisation’s most important values and to act on them. This year the focus is on putting our values into action in our communities, an ethos that any forward-thinking business needs to consider if they are to attract the very best candidates. 
The growing trend for more values-driven business models has had a massive impact on recruitment. Attitudes to work are changing as employees want to feel that they, and the company they work for, are making a difference. 

A recent article in the Recruitment Times revealed that workers are drawn to companies that make a significant impact and purpose in the world. The article referenced an online survey by MSD, a UK pharmaceutical company, that surveyed 2,000 people aged 18 an over and found that 74% of young workers (18-34) and 66% of over 35-year-olds would be happier working for a company with a positive impact and purpose in the world. 

The results from the survey also suggested that employees who identify with the overall purpose of a company are more likely to be productive. Two-thirds of 18 to 34-year-olds say they would be more productive when working for a company that has a positive impact in the world, whilst more than half of over 35-year-olds also said the same.

These findings back numerous other studies that represent a shift in job requirements, where a large salary isn’t the main draw anymore. It’s not surprising therefore that companies big and small are eager to promote their values and ethical policies.

This shift in attitudes presents a unique opportunity for businesses and how they recruit and retain talent. Grant Hayward, Managing Director of Collaborent, spoke at the South Oxon HR Forum about ‘Establishing your Organisation as Employer of Choice’ and how what has been classed as “corporate social responsibility” can add to the business bottom line.  His principle was that inspired organisations think, act and communicate from the inside out – an ethos which attracts employees who want to work for companies who enshrine values and ethics in their business model, not just profit.
The World Values Day website has lots of resources to your business identify your core values and put them into action. You can find out more at