Redundancy – what next

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Being made redundant is always a bitter pill to swallow, even if you weren’t entirely happy in your role. It is a perfectly normal reaction to shed some tears, be angry and upset. After all, losing an income will have an impact on your standard of living. Allow yourself time to get over these feelings but do not blame yourself, it was outside your control.

Once you have come to terms with being made redundant, it is time to pick yourself up and start looking for your next career opportunity. Yes, it will be tough, but you have to believe that you will find something, it might not be as good as your last role or it could be even better, and sometimes we need that nudge to help us on the road to a new challenge. Afterall, isn’t life full of challenges? This is just one more which you will overcome.

Believing in yourself will help you immensely, if you don’t believe in you, how can anyone else?

Looking for your next challenge

Start by asking yourself what next? – the hardest part is the not knowing what’s next. But take this opportunity to decide if you want to continue down your current career path or do something different – maybe you have been thinking of a change for some time, this could your chance…

If you are thinking of doing something different check out our article on How to go about changing your career.

If you are looking continue down your current career path, spend a little time on your CV to ensure it is update and relevant – please visit for some tips.

When applying for roles too many think they can do a job, but had they taken the time to read the job description thoroughly they would have discovered they needed some specific experience or skill, and therefore set themselves up to be rejected (rejection is not good for our morale). Companies advertise many roles which may look similar at first glance, but applying for them all is not a good idea, employers are looking for people who are excited about the role they are advertising for, not that you want just any job.

Always send a covering letter when applying for a role, it can help your CV stand out from the many others that an employer receives, and it is your chance to make a good first impression – for advice on putting together the perfect cover letter visit

Once invited to interview, don’t go undoing all your work by not preparing for interview. Prepare for all interviews as if it is the only job in the world you want – a much nicer feeling turning the job down, than being told you are not suitable and kicking yourself because you hadn’t prepared. The job description and company website can provide a lot of information for you, but it is the people you work with that make the job, and this is what the interview is about for both of you. For more advice and tips on interview preparation you can read our article 10 tips to prepare for your interview or visit our website for further guidance

We prepare for birthdays, parties, weddings etc. to make sure all goes well, why wouldn’t you prepare for your next career opportunity?