Why is spending time on my CV more important than ever?

Monday, September 21, 2020

As recruiters we are seeing a vast increase in the number of applications for our vacancies, and I have no doubt other agencies and companies are too.

To get that first interview your CV needs to stand out from all the others. You could make it colourful and creative but if the content is not right it will make no difference.

The best way to get noticed is to make your CV relevant to the role you are applying for. Take the opportunity to let your future employer know what you have been doing and what you are looking to do next, whilst ensuring you highlight your relevant skills.

7 seconds is all you have to get the attention of the hiring manager, so make your first page count, avoid the and/the/but – less is more. If something relevant to the job is on page 2 or 3 of your CV mention it in your Profile section too.

READ your CV before sending to client – no point in applying for one role and your profile saying you are looking for something else. The profile should be changed each time you apply for a new role to make it relevant.

If you CV does not catch the hiring company's attention, you will not be considered for the role, so if you really want that job, make the effort on your CV and get it right!

We would NEVER recommend paying someone to do your CV, you are the expert on you and what you have been doing.  For more CV tips visit www.bluestreamrecruitment.co.uk/cv-tips/