Why Us

We may appear to be no different to any other recruitment agency, however it is our attention to your individual business needs, our excellent service, relationships with our candidates and honesty that sets us apart from others.

  • We will always meet with you to discuss your requirements for the position, and get to know your company and values.
  • We will always discuss your position fully with our jobseekers, allowing them to review job descriptions and visit your website, before we send you their CV.
  • We will only send you the three best matches for any position, not inundate you with large volumes of unnecessary CV’s.
  • We will always provide you with two points of contact, who will know about your company.
  • We will never push a candidate into attending an interview for a job if they are unsure about it.
  • We will always ask for feedback following an interview with a jobseeker.
  • We will never approach a candidate we have placed with you for another job opportunity

Our policy is to ensure that we are always acting in the best interests of both employers and jobseekers, and as we are an independent company we are able to take a flexible approach to your business needs. 

All we ask from you is that you communicate any changes to us and provide us with frank and honest feedback on our jobseekers and the service we are providing to you. 

If you feel at any point that we have not kept our promise to you, please contact our management team via email at info@bluestreamrecruitment.co.uk