Hats off to our HR professionals

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Hats off to our HR professionals, the unsung heroes of the business world who have been under an incredibly amount of additional pressure this year, at the same time dealing with impact of COVID-19 on their own family and friends, working from home whilst home schooling, looking after elderly parents – the list goes on…

The role of a HR professional is always a balancing act, ensuring their employees are happy and achieving their goals whilst at the same time making a stand for what is best for the company.

The perception of the HR department has changed over the years. Historically, both employees and the C-Suite saw the HR team as transactional, only interested in following rules and procedures. HR professionals are now rightly viewed as a positive force within a company, and an advocate for employees and the interests of their respective organisations.  Most HR professionals are genuinely concerned for the welfare of the employees and go beyond their administrative duties to engage with employees and their organisations on a deeper level, improving employee relations and impacting organisational performance.

During these unprecedented times we need to remember that they too are only human and have the same worries and concerns as the rest of us. They have had to deal with employee welfare, including mental health issues, new ways of working, putting together new policies and procedures, and worst of all having to make people redundant during uncertain economic times. 

But who is looking out for them?  If anyone feels the need to just chat we are happy to be a shoulder, in the meantime thank you from the rest of us.

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