What so crucial about having a good CV?

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What so crucial about having a good CV

A good CV is crucial for several reasons

  1. First Impression – Industry research states that on average recruiters spend 6-8 seconds looking at your CV before they decide whether you are suitable for their vacancy or not. It is therefore essential that your CV provides a good first impression and provides a snapshot of your skills and experience in relation to the vacancy.

  2. Requirement of Application – most employers require a CV as part of their application process – it gives them a snapshot of your capabilities in relation to the vacancy they are recruiting for.

  3. Showcase your Skills & Experience – it allows you to highlight your skills, experience and educational achievements. Tailor your CV for each vacancy so your necessary skills and experience in relation to that role stand out.

  4. Professionalism – reflects professionalism and attention to detail, qualities valued by employers.

  5. Supports Interviews – serves as a reference during interviews, providing a foundation for discussion

  6. Personal Branding – contributes to your personal brand, shaping how others perceive your professional identity.


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