New Year New Career Challenge

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New Year New Career Challenge

New year, new career challenge is a common resolution, and embarking on the next step in your career can be both exciting and daunting experience. Before embarking on that next step consider


  1. Reflecting on your current role and achievements, and identifying your strengths and weaknesses

  2. Consider your short, and long-term career objectives

  3. Identify the skills needed to take you to the next level in your career – do you need to acquire or enhance your current skills through training.

  4. Look out for opportunities to strengthen your personal development and talk to your manager or HR about doing this through your current employer or look into enrolling on courses.

  5. Ask your employer about mentorship or reach out to your network to see if anyone would be happy to provide mentorship.

  6. Be prepared to volunteer for challenging projects or take on additional responsibility to demonstrate your capabilities.

  7. If your current employer can’t support your career vision, then it may be time to search for new opportunities with companies who align with your career goals and values.


Whatever you decide, taking the next step in your career requires thoughtful planning and action. Stay proactive, be open to opportunities, and continually assess and adjust your plan as needed. Your career path is a journey, enjoy the ride.

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