Should it be all about the salary?

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I have read so many articles lately saying that "if a company is a good company they will pay you well” and this is true to some extent.

For anyone who knows me, I have always passionately believed “if you chase the money you will never be happy, but if you follow your heart the money will follow”. This is because we spend an incredible amount of time working, and we need to be happy and enjoy what we are doing. If we really enjoy what we are doing we will do a better job, and therefore be rewarded accordingly. If we follow the money, and our heart is not really into our job, our career will eventually stall, as we will lack the passion that drives our colleagues who followed their hearts.

For many years clients have said how hard it is to attract good candidates due to high salaries and how they were becoming unsustainable. The COVID-19 situation has made recruiting even more challenging for these companies as budgets are being squeezed. So please keep in mind that despite us all needing the pennies to pay our bills, would you not rather be happy going to work each day than being miserable whilst having an expensive car parked in the drive?

Many good companies have been badly hit by COVID-19, and with the uncertainty of trade with Brexit they are doing the best. Not all good companies can pay well at the moment but what they can offer is the opportunity to grow and develop your career. However, it’s still important to know your worth. Don’t let companies exploit you, as there will always be those who try. Be realistic and what’s more imperative than ever is to decide what’s most important to you.

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