Meet our Team - Mike Davies

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Mike has been with Buestream for 18 months, and in recognition of his hard work and dedication we are delighted to announce he has been promoted to Senior Technical Recruitment Consultant.

We sat down with Mike to find out his thoughts 18months on….

What is it you like about working in recruitment?
I like supporting and helping people connect with the right careers and building relationships with both clients and candidates. 

What do you dislike about working in recruitment?
When you come across the perfect candidate at the wrong moment is so… frustrating 

What are the greatest challenges in recruitment at the moment?
Talent shortages

What advice would you give to candidates thinking about a career move?
Know what it is you want from your next career move and know your motivations for moving on from your current employer. If it is for more money, money may make life easier, but it won’t necessarily make you happy and content in your work, speak to your line manager first.

What advice would you give to clients?
Move quickly and don’t hang around – good candidates get snapped up quickly

What has been your proudest moment since joining Bluestream?
Helping a candidate who had low self esteem due to a bad experience with his previous employer. By being supportive through the recruitment process and providing reassurance, seeing him happy and thriving in his new role. 

What are you hopes and challenges for the future?
As Bluestream grows and expands, I am excited to grow and develop with the company and contribute to its continued success.
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