Am I good enough for this role?

Posted on Tuesday, March 7, 2023 by David SavageNo comments

Am I good enough for this role? Am I qualified enough? How will I cope with a rejection? These are all very normal doubts which candidates will face as they consider a new role.  I want to offer some a different perspective on how to look at the process of stepping up to a new position.

There’s an expression I really like; ‘You cannot steer a stationary ship. No matter how deep and long you research a subject, the truth is that at some point the only way to learn is to act. Fear of what might happen can paralyse people and be a massive robber of time.

Inventor of the telephone “Alexander Graham Bell” once said ‘The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action.’ Applying will help us articulate what we are looking for, interviews will introduce us to new businesses and better our interview skills and a rejection might teach us what skills we need to acquire.

So, whether you’ve been putting off writing a CV, speaking to your boss about some training, speculatively applying to a company you’d love to work for, my advice is to take action today! Employees also love people who have demonstrated resilience and proactivity and in taking this step you’re making a great start in increasing your capability and value.

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