How to stay motivated when searching for work

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Searching for work can be soul destroying, out of desperation too many people just apply for everything which is not a good idea. Companies will grow tired of seeing your CV and stop considering you for roles, as you will come across as desperate rather than being enthusiastic about the position they are advertising for.

There is no point in spending hours and hours searching for work. We would suggest maybe spending 30-60 minutes each morning, checking job boards (maybe a different one each day) and setting up job alerts. Even if you were the very first person to apply for a role, your chances are no better as clients will always want to view several CVs before shortlisting for interview.

If you are accustomed to working full-time having lots of time on your hands will be alien. The first week or two will be great, a time to recharge your batteries, however after that boredom sets in. This could be a great time to tackle some of those projects you have on your “to do list”, whether that be tasks around the house and garden, going on walks, starting a new hobby, tracing your family roots, the list is endless, but this could be a great opportunity to make a start. Reading is also a great distraction, as you will be surprised how much time you can spend engrossed in a good book. An active mind is a healthy mind and will help you keep your focused and positive.

Alternatively, there are many charities screaming out for volunteers. They would really welcome the support, you could meet new friends, and it could even lead to a job you never even considered before. If something as formal as volunteering is out of your comfort zone, why not just check on your friends and neighbours, see if they could do with some help.

Thankfully, we are all different, and what works for one will not work for another, we all have our own comfort zones, so it will be case of working out what is best for you. Don’t go comparing yourself to others, some are very good at putting on a front, but behind the scenes can be very different. 

Trust us when we say having a routine and keeping busy always helps keep your spirits up and gives you a reason for getting out of bed in the morning !! 

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