Are you struggling to receive interview invites, despite applying for numerous jobs?

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Whether your dissatisfied with your current job and eager for a change or have recently faced redundancy, its essential to approach your job search strategically. Avoid the urge to apply to every available position and instead follow our tips to increase your chances of that elusive interview.

  1. Evaluate your skills and experience

    Before applying, ensure you possess the essential skills and experience required for the job. Job advertisements specify these requirements for a reason. Applying without the necessary skills or experience may yield little response.

  2. Exercise patience and selectivity

    If you genuinely aspire to work for a specific company, take your time and monitor their website for suitable positions that align with your skill set. Applying for multiply roles within the same company can dilute your application’s impact. Recruiters and hiring managers value candidates who exhibit genuine interest in specific positions, as candidates who do are more likely to remain committed to the role

  3. Consider retraining

    If you are seeking a complete career change, investing in relevant courses and training demonstrates your dedication and seriousness. Even when applying  for entry-level positions, showcasing  your commitment through additional education or skill development can bolster your chances of securing your dream job.

  4. Revamp your CV

    If you believe you have the necessary skills but aren’t receiving the desired response, it is crucial to review and optimise your CV. Remember it is not the recruiter or hiring managers responsibility to deduce your skills, experience or qualifications; you must clearly communicate them. Keep your CV concise, highlight your relevant achievements and make a strong impression in first few seconds of reading. For tips on your CI//


By applying these strategies, you can increase your chances of obtaining interview opportunities. Remember a tailored and focus approach, combined with an effective CV, will help you stand out among the competition and improve your chances of securing your desired position.

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